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              1. Ringo Starr live at Sunrise Theater, Fort Pierce, FL, USA

                Ringo Starr continued his 2015 tour of North and South America with a concert at the Sunrise Theater in Fort Pierce, Florida.

                The 13th All-Starr Band featured Starr (vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards); Steve Lukather (vocals, guitar); Gregg Rolie (vocals, organ, keyboards); Todd Rundgren (vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass, percussion, keyboards); Richard Page (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar); Warren Ham (vocals, saxophone, keyboards); Gregg Bissonette (vocals, drums, percussion).

                The setlist:

                2015 All Starr-Band tour dates:

                Ringo Starr live at Peace Center, Greenville, SC, USA
                Ringo Starr live at Hard Rock Hotel, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
                Also on this day...

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