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              1. Recording: It Don’t Come Easy by Ringo Starr

                Trident Studios, London
                Producer: George Harrison

                Ringo Starr began recording his debut UK solo single, ‘It Don’t Come Easy’, on 18 and 19 February 1970. However, a second remake was begun on this day.

                Cover for Ringo Starr's single It Don't Come Easy

                The session most likely took place at Trident Studios, although no documentation to confirm this is known. The song’s co-writer George Harrison was producing and played acoustic and electric guitar. Other musicians were Klaus Voormann on bass guitar, Starr on drums, Stephen Stills on piano, and Mal Evans on tambourine. Harrison also recorded a guide vocal, which has since been bootlegged.

                Starr was evidently in no hurry to issue ‘It Don’t Come Easy’. More overdubs were added on 11 March, and it remained unfinished until October 1970.

                Mixing: Sentimental Journey by Ringo Starr
                US single release: Let It Be
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