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              1. Recording: Dear Prudence

                Trident Studios, St Anne’s Court, London
                Producer: George Martin
                Engineer: Barry Sheffield

                The Beatles returned to Trident Studios in London’s Soho district, where they had previously recorded ‘Hey Jude’, to begin work on the White Album song ‘Dear Prudence’.

                Ringo Starr was not present, as he had walked out of the group on 22 August 1968. The remaining Beatles elected to continue without him, and so decamped to Trident for its eight-track recording facilities.

                The Beatles opted to record the song track-by-track, wiping each previous attempt until they had a satisfactory version, meaning that the result was a solitary take with numerous layers.

                The basic track was recorded on this day, with John Lennon and George Harrison’s fingerpicked acoustic guitars, and Paul McCartney’s drums.

                Tape copying: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Blackbird, Not Guilty, Revolution 9
                Recording: Dear Prudence
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